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language support extensions and we also develops bespoke typefaces.
National Museum of Natural History, Paris
Typeface: Buffon
Extent: 3 weights + Italics
License: exclusive
Art direction: c-album with Fabien Coupas
Year: 2019
Founded in 1793, during the French Revolution, the National Museum of Natural History is a major French institution that today has 14 sites throughout France. The museum is dedicated to teaching, research and the dissemination of naturalist scientific culture.
In 2019, the graphic design agency c-album revisited the museum's iconic seal (originally designed by Gérard van Spaendonck) as well as its visual identity. In collaboration with c-album, we designed a bespoke type family for the museum. The family comes with three weights with matching italics and was named “Buffon” in homage to the famous French naturalist Comte de Buffon.
Studio Ganek, production & diffusion - art contemporain
Name: Julius
Extent: 1 weight, Uppercases only
License: non-exclusive
Art direction: Fabien Coupas
Year: 2020
Studio Ganek is committed to artists in the field of contemporary art. The Studio aims to help artists in the conception of singular pieces and projects. Studio Ganek accompanies the artists in their careers and in the diffusion of their projects. The name of the studio refers to the work of Slovak artist Jùlius Koller and his project U.F.O. Ganek Gallery (1971). The visual identity also refers to the work of Jùlius Koller. The identity was conceived around the design of a custom typeface, inspired by the lettering and printed productions made by the artist.